Travertine is a type of natural limestone formed by mineral deposits from natural springs and bodies of water. It is an elegant natural stone paving material valued for use in patios, pool decks, floors, and walls. Travertine comes in earthy beige, rust, gold, and brown hues that add warmth. When polished, it has a refined finish and it comes in large format tiles, slabs, or irregular flagstones, maintaining its natural shape.

Travertine is porous and textured, which provides an anti-slip surface. As a natural stone, travertine offers unmatched durability and timeless beauty. Its veining and tonal variations give travertine a unique aesthetic that enhances residential and commercial spaces.

Advant-Edge Pools and Landscape is a renowned hardscaping company in Peoria, AZ, and we use only the best materials, like travertine, for our residential and commercial projects. Travertine is a natural limestone praised for its beauty, strength, and style.

Our team has extensive experience skillfully designing and installing travertine to complement landscapes and create focal points. Whether residential or commercial, you can rely on our expertise with travertine and various pavers to deliver high-quality, durable hardscaping that enhances aesthetics and functionality.

Features and Elements Where We Include Travertine in Our Projects

Travertine is endlessly versatile, blending beautifully into our custom hardscaping designs. Our experts possess the skill and experience necessary to work with travertine and properly install it to enhance distinctive residential and commercial projects in features and areas such as:

  • Patios – Travertine patio pavers or large format travertine tile slabs create a refined, seamless surface perfect for outdoor dining and relaxation spaces. The stone’s earthy hues complement landscapes, and travertine patios have an antique, old-world charm.
  • Pool Decks – Around swimming pools, the travertine’s slip-resistance and durability make it an ideal choice for decking material, and it is available in cool-toned options like silver travertine that reflects light. Travertine decks complement pools with nature-inspired aesthetics.
  • Backyard Landscaping – As flagstone, travertine stepping stones winding through gardens add rustic flair. Low-stacked travertine walls or travertine boulder accents provide visual interest to plantings instead of standard edging or mulch beds.
  • Driveways – Travertine pavers laid in geometric or irregular patterns make a statement for distinctive driveways, offering a natural texture not achieved by poured concrete or asphalt.
  • Entryways – Welcoming walkways lined with travertine pavers or entrance steps made from travertine risers and treads create an inviting first impression.
  • Wall Cladding – As a thin veneer or tile, travertine on exterior and interior walls imparts natural characteristics, and it works well, especially in rustic or Mediterranean-style themes.
  • Fire Pits – Surround a gas fire pit or wood-burning fireplace with travertine for an organic yet polished look. Travertine caps on fire pit walls nicely tie the elements together.
  • Fountains – Travertine coping, cladding, or tile on and around backyard fountains nods to European landscapes, adding style to water features.

High-Grade Travertine Installation

We can help with superior products and high-quality installation regardless of where you need travertine elements. We handle large-scale commercial projects with the same levels of expertise and skill as residential ones.

For more information about our travertine installations, please call Advant-Edge Pools And Landscape at 623-294-3748 and discuss your project requirements with our knowledgeable team. You can also send us your requests via this Online Form, and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.