Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy beautiful weather and alfresco dining in luxury. At Advant-Edge Pools and Landscape, we design and install stunning outdoor kitchens that become focal entertaining areas in any Peoria, AZ, backyard. With our expertise in transforming ordinary yards into extraordinary outdoor living spaces, we handle every aspect of building your ideal outdoor cooking and gathering spot from concept to completion.

A well-designed outdoor kitchen seamlessly blends performance and aesthetics, and we start by collaborating with clients to understand their vision, needs, and budget. Some fundamental aspects we focus on during this project include size, layout, countertop and storage/cabinetry preferences, appliances, and lighting.

We also consider accessories and integration with the existing landscape to create a cohesive and attractive space that is practical and easy to maintain. Our team oversees the entire installation, from excavation and electrical to cabinetry, appliances, and finishing touches, to complete the project to industry standards.

Outdoor Kitchen Elements We Install

As mentioned earlier, we manage all aspects of your outdoor kitchen project and install various elements and features such as:

  • Countertops include natural stone like granite and quartzite, porcelain tile, and materials like weatherproof concrete specifically designed for outdoor use.
  • Modular kitchen cabinetry or custom-built cabinets, available in stainless steel, weatherproof wood, and composite materials to withstand the outdoor elements. We incorporate cabinetry styles and finishes to match your home.
  • Comfortable seating areas like built-in benches, patio chairs, and decorative tile or stone dining tables.
  • Stunning backsplashes are made of tile, stone slabs, or glass tile to complement the countertop and cabinetry.
  • Professional series stainless steel appliances like BBQs, ovens, beverage centers, grills, cooktops, sinks, and refrigerators. We properly install gas, electricity, and ventilation as needed.
  • Optional extras like side burners, power outlets, hidden storage, accent lighting, and sound systems.

Aspects We Prioritize In Outdoor Kitchen Design And Planning

Our team artfully designs the space, so all elements fit together beautifully, and we pay attention to every detail, including:

  • Careful alignment of cabinet doors and drawers for a seamless look
  • Selection of gorgeous backsplash materials that complement countertops
  • Choosing furniture fabrics and finishes that weather well and match the style
  • Perfect integration of lighting into soffits and under cabinets to provide ambiance
  • Installation of appliances to manufacturer instructions for proper clearances
  • Applying waterproof grout with uniform, neat lines between tiles
  • Ensuring adequate drainage and slope away from the structure

Cost-Effective Outdoor Kitchen Services

Our efficient process transforms your yard into a backyard oasis personalized for entertaining and alfresco cooking. While we are committed to offering high-quality services, we always keep an eye on costs. Since we discuss your budget at the start of the project, our designers try to stay within it. We offer you the perfect balance of quality, creativity, and value. We can also replace features in your existing outdoor kitchen and handle upgrades and renovations of the area.

For additional details about our outdoor kitchens, please call Advant-Edge Pools And Landscape at 623-294-3748 and discuss your project requirements with our knowledgeable team. Alternatively, please send us your requests through this Online Form and fill in as many details as possible. We will call you soon to understand your needs and start your outdoor kitchen project.