Splash Pads

There are several reasons why a splash pad might be a better choice than a pool, especially when it comes to young children:

  1. Safety: Splash pads are typically much safer than pools because there is no standing water. This eliminates the risk of drowning, which is a leading cause of death among young children. Splash pads are also typically designed with non-slip surfaces to reduce the risk of slipping and falling.
  2. Convenience: Splash pads are easier to maintain than pools because they don’t require as much cleaning or chemical treatment. They also don’t require a lot of space, so they can be installed in smaller yards or public areas.
  3. Cost: Splash pads are generally less expensive to install and maintain than pools, which can be a significant factor for families on a budget.
  4. Fun: Splash pads can provide just as much fun and entertainment for children as a pool, with the added benefit of being able to accommodate more children at once. They also often feature various water features and spray nozzles, which can make for a more exciting and interactive experience.

Overall, a splash pad can be a safer, more convenient, and cost-effective option for families with young children who want to enjoy water play without the risks and maintenance requirements of a traditional pool.

Residential Splash Pad Pricing

Residential splash pads start at $15000.00 that include the pump, filter, auto fill, in-ground holding tank, up to 6 jets, the automatic chlorinator, the concrete foundation, the manifold that controls the jets, the module that controls the programming of the jets, the lace decking and the plumbing. They have all of the same filtration as a pool without standing water.

They filter and recycle the water so water is not wasted.
They can also usually be completed within 2-3 weeks. We do use wire mesh in the concrete.
Splash pads have to have the tank and filter within 15 ft of the splash surface or the cost is $55.00 per ft extra.
Hard ground will require a hard dig and that costs extra so keep soil conditions in mind we have to dig a 5 ft by 5ft deep hole to install the tank.

Commercial Pads Call For Pricing

  • Grass removal is $1.25 per sq ft
  • Concrete removal is $4.50 per sq ft $800.00 minimum.

Electrical To Splash Pad

  • $25.00 per panel and does not include removing concrete or anything to install electrical that is extra.
  • Shut off and switch set $325.00

Permit For Electrical Is Extra.

  • 1 box and auto timer $250.00

Splash Pad Options

  • Additional jets $300.00 each
  • Feature bases $900.00 each
  • Rubber per sq ft over 150 sq ft $18.00
  • Lace 7.00 per sq ft over 150 sq ft
  • Concrete per sq ft over 150 sq ft $9.50
  • Lights per 4 installed $1200.00
  • Additional lights per each $300.00

Features (Call For Pricing)

  • Special rubber designs are extra
  • Always keep rubber at least a 2-color blend
  • The jets must be 2 ft from the concrete edge for the splash
  • Look at surroundings like tree roots concrete etc. when planning make sure there are no obstructions
  • We can not install a splash pad in or on existing concrete it has to be new.

Past Splash Pad Projects 

You can browse dozens of photos in this online gallery featuring our spectacular completed splash pad projects. We have designed small backyard toddler water-play areas and elaborate aqua zones in commercial properties; each splash pad is uniquely customized with colorful textures, thrilling features, and the latest activation technology. See how our experience brings splash pads to life in an eye-catching combination of forms, functions, and spray effects using bells, wheels, levers, rainbow arches, and more. Kids of all ages can enjoy our interactive splash pads in your poolscape, backyard, or commercial premises. And note how our designs blend seamlessly into each environment, complementing themes from futuristic to fanciful. We use only the most slip-resistant and durable surfacing materials for safety, paired with automated water treatment systems for cleanliness. Let your imagination go wild as you envision your own residential or commercial property possibilities. With decades of experience, we can create custom splash pads that match budgets both big and small, and our company knows how to make a real splash. Contact us today to get the wet and wild fun flowing for your unique slice of water enjoyment.